integrated pest management

Soybean Aphids
Suction Trap Network

In 2001, we established a network of suction traps to sample for flying soybean aphids. Our objectives were to determine when soybean aphids leave their overwintering host, Rhamnus species, to colonize soybean fields and when other significant flight activity occurs.

The suction traps are approximately 25 feet tall and sample flying aphids within a 30-mile radius. We collected data from these traps weekly from mid-May through mid-September. One trap has been erected at each of the various sites around the state. Cooperators will empty the contents of the traps weekly and send them to David Voegtlin, Center for Economic Entomology, Illinois Natural History Survey. Results will be posted weekly.

For more information about the soybean aphid, refer to the weekly issues of the Pest Management & Crop Development Bulletin and the soybean aphid page on this site.

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